art history midterm III

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  1. romanticism/john constable/the hay wain/1821
  2. realism/Ernes Messonier/ The Barricade/ 1848
  3. Realism/Rosa Bonheur/Plowing the nivernais: the dressing of the vine/1849
  4. Realism/Gustave Courbet/1849/The stone breakers
  5. Realism/France/Gustave Courbet/Burial at Ornans/1849
  6. Realsim/Millet/The gleaners/1857
  7. Realism/Daumier/The Third class carriage/1862
  8. Photography/Daguerre/ The artist's studio/1837
  9. England/Henry Fox/A view of the Boulevards of Paris/1843
  10. Christ in the house of his parents/John Everett/Millais/Realism/1849
  11. realism/france/Edourard Manet/Le Dejeuner sur I'Herbrbe (lunch on the grass), 1863
  12. impressionism/whistler/nocturne in black and gold: the falling rocket, 1875
  13. Impressionism/calude manet/ the garden at sainte adresse/1867
  14. impressionism/claude monet/ boulevard des capucines/1873
  15. Impressionism/Degas/ The Dance lesson/1879
  16. Impressionism/Gustave Caillebotte/paris: a rainy day.1877
  17. Impressionism/ france: gustave caillebotte/ the floor scrapers/ 1875
  18. impressionism/ berthe morisot/ the cradle/1872
  19. impressionism/usa/mary cassatt/ the boating party. 1893
  20. Impressionism/ renoir/ moulin de la Galette/ 1876
  21. post impressionism/ paul cezanne. monte sainte victoire/ 1885
  22. neoimpressionism/ george seurat/ a sunday afternoon on the island of lad grand jatte/ 1884
  23. post impressionism/ vincent can gogh/ starry night/ 1889
  24. post impressionism/ paul gauguin/ where do we come from? what are we? where are we? 1897

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