Wordly Wise 9 Lessons Vocab

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  1. Adroit
    Skillful; Clever
  2. Affront
    Insult; offend on purpose
  3. Avocation
    A hobby; pleasure
  4. Crusade
    Passionate struggle for what you believe is right.
  5. Definitive
    Final; conclusive
  6. Demeanor
    Behavior; how someone acts
  7. Erudite
    Having extensive knowledge; learned
  8. Induct
    Install in office; admit to a society or military service
  9. Lapse
    • 1. Fall or slip
    • 2. Come to an end
    • 3. Minor mistake
    • 4. Pause or interval
  10. Militant
    Ready to fight for a cause
  11. Pariah
    Social outcast
  12. Prodigy
    • 1. Someone showing a remarkable talent at a young age.
    • 2. An amazing thing or event
  13. Protégé
    Someone who is in training; helped by another
  14. Raucous
    • Rough; Unpleasant to the ear
    • Boisterous and disorderly
  15. Tacit
    Expressed without words; gestures; implied
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