chapter 2

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  1. excellent customer service shares what common element?
  2. who must embrace a customer service plan?
    line personnel and administration
  3. modifying behaviors requires
    • persistence
    • perspiration
    • and practice
  4. reasearch reveals consumers make buyind decisions based on
    90% customer service and 10% on actual product
  5. who are the first people customers come into contact when stepping on hospital campus
    security personnel
  6. customer retention importance?
    5 to 6 times less exspensive than attracting a new customer
  7. if a previous customer is happy there likely to do what?
    tell 4 or 5 other people about there positive exsperience
  8. percent of people who stop doing business with a company ( according to a study by the american society for quality and the quality and producitivity center)
    • 1% die
    • 3% move away
    • 5% are influenced by friends to leave
    • 9% lured away by competitor
    • 14% are disatified with product or service
    • 68% leave beacuse of the attitude of indifference on the part of the service provider
  9. why do people today have higher exspectation for clinical and service staff?
    • health consumers are better educated
    • more demanding
    • less easily satisfied than prior generations
  10. what determines customers satisfaction
    • how well there needs are actually met and
    • how the customer percieves his or her needs are met
  11. for a hospital to earn being part of the planetree orginization ( nationally reconized by the joint commision) they can exhibit these techniques?
    • decorate with soothing colors
    • put pictures in halls and rooms
    • have multi-denominational chapels
    • stock books, magazines, games, and movies for patients
    • have a garden or play area for patients of different ages
    • adopting a menu of comfort foods
    • organizing pet visitations to patients
    • have open visitation hours
  12. customers include?
    • patients
    • family members
    • visitors
    • physicians
    • surveyors
    • social workers
  13. what customers want
    3 points?
    • reliability and competence
    • responsiveness and empathy
    • making customer feel valued
  14. key traits security personnel should exhibit?
    • emotional awarness and concern
    • problem solving
    • initiative and responsibility
    • exsplaining and informing
  15. training programs that boost ? and ? help build your confidence
    morale and encourage positive attitudes
  16. A book that brought customer service to a new level ( "fish Philosophy") a remarkable way to boost moral and improve results covers 4 basic points?
    • choose your attitude
    • play
    • make there day
    • be present, be there
  17. defintion of play in the work setting
    • when people are presented with the opportunity to be pasionate about there work and exspress themself creatively
    • inspires innovative thinking
  18. make there day philosophy?
    creating positive memories with the people you come in contact with
  19. reasons for communication?
    • gather information
    • solve problems to get answers
    • discuss events
    • make decisions
  20. 3 things that affect verbal communication
    • tone
    • volume
    • rate of speech
  21. albert mehabrian's research on communication indicates that 93% of any message is communicated through what?
    body language and tone of voice
  22. only 7% of what we communicate is ?
  23. appropriate measurment tools for customer satisfaction?
    • paper and telephone surveys
    • focus groups
    • performance improvement strategies
    • benchmarking
    • comment cards
    • service standards
    • annual evaluations
    • investigate customer complaints
  24. most powerful booster of customer service improvement
  25. following steps to resolving a customer complaint?
    • determine the reason for the complaint
    • indentify the root cause of the problem
    • rectify the situation (determining what you can do to solve problem)
    • acknowledge the problem
    • correct what caused the problem
  26. Acronym HEART expresses being the best person you can be? what does HEART stand for?
    • honest
    • empathetic
    • appreciative
    • respectful
    • tolerant
  27. managing stress?
    • enhancing coping skills
    • take steps to minimize the stress of shift work and of sleep deprivation
    • take periodic breaks to put things into perspective
    • learn to use positive self-talk to improve your attitude
    • participate in team building activities
    • show your concern for co-workers
  28. coping strategies to reduce stress during your breaks?
    • go for a walk
    • read a magazine or book
    • listen to relaxing music
    • re-energize with a healthy
  29. according to fish philosopher, stephen lundin sustaining change is the true test of ?

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