East Asia

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  1. China
    • Yellow River-Attitude
    • Wheat culture
    • Ramen-Chinese invented pasta
    • Patriarchal
    • Agriculture
    • Weapons-iron
    • Technology advanced
    • Craftsman-Jade
    • No Religion
    • Interest in Spirits
    • Writing...Pictographs
    • Oracle Bones
  2. Legends
    "Four August Ones" created China

    Yellow Emperor: gave people medicine, wife invented silk
  3. Order of Dynasties
    • Xia
    • Shang
    • Zhou
    • Qin
  4. Xia Dynasty
    • Don't know much about
    • Have Emperor
    • There is a need to control Labor
  5. Shang Dynasty
    • Bronze
    • Getting surplus of Grain
    • Army (14K people)
    • Warriors are Nobles
    • Made things out of Wood
    • Forts, Trade, Fighting
    • Bureauratic
  6. Zhou Dynasty
    • Mandate of Heaven (cut off head of last emperor, now you have the power)
    • Larger than Shang
    • Most of Northern China, lots of land
    • Many Alliances
    • Emperor
    • Iron (weapons)
  7. Western Zhou
    • Hao-Turkic (not Chinese) invade and capture city
    • Zhou moves east and makes new capital Luoyang
    • Western Zhou becomes Eastern Zhou
  8. Warring States Period
    • During Zhou Dynasty
    • China breaks into various states and all start killing each other
    • Time of Sages: philosophers, try to answer question of what we are doing wrong
  9. Qin Dynasty
    Last Dynasty
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