Marketing Ch.8

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  1. New-Product Development
  2. Intrapreneurship(Bootlegging)
  3. Idea Generation
  4. Idea Screening
    Process to spot good ideas and drop poor ones.
  5. Product Concept
    Detailed version of the idea stated in meaningful consumer terms.
  6. Concept Testing
  7. Business Analysis
    Involves a review of the sales, costs, and profit projections to assess fit with company objectives.
  8. Test Marketing
    •Product and program introduced in more realistic market setting.
  9. Product Life Cycle
  10. Style
    • Is a basic and distinctive mode of expression (e.g., formal clothing, Danish modern
    • furniture)
  11. Fashion
    Is a popular style in a given field (e.g., business casual)
  12. Fad
    • Is a fashion that enters quickly, is adopted quickly, and declines fast (e.g., pet
    • rocks)
  13. Introduction Stage
  14. Growth Stage
  15. Maturity Stage
  16. Decline Stage
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