SPANISH Vocab. Verbs of Emotion and With Dar

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  1. aburrirse
    to become bored
  2. asustarse
    to scare
  3. alegrarse
    to make happy
  4. apenar
    to sadden
  5. averiguar
    to find out
  6. calmarse
    to become calm
  7. conocer
    to know/be familiar with
  8. divertirse
    to have fun
  9. enamorarse
    to fall in love
  10. enfadarse
    to become angry
  11. entusiasmarse
    to become excited
  12. fastidiarse
    to become annoyed with
  13. fijarse
    to notice
  14. llorar
    to cry
  15. preocuparse
    to worry
  16. reír(se)
    to laugh
  17. saber
    to know (information)
  18. sonreír
    to smile
  19. sorprenderse
    to surprise
  20. darse cuenta de
    to realize
  21. darse (en el corazón)
    to feel (in one's heart)
  22. dar una caminata
    to take a hike
  23. dar una voz
    to give a shout
  24. dar que pensar
    to give food for thought
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