Art History 3 Definitions 1

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  1. Wilhelm Worringer

    Abstraction and Empathy

    did not see abstract as inferrior to other art
  2. urform
    lines that express the essences of life/living
  3. hieroglypic style
  4. animalization
    how does an animal have a world view?

    how does a horse see the world?
  5. Kandinsky

    Concerning the Spiritual in Art

    art is the spiritual expression of inner harmony

    colors produce a spiritual vibration

    perfumed colors
  6. synaesthesia
    mixing of different senses (warm colors, soft colors, loud colors)

    sounds evoke colors, colors produce sounds
  7. feelings of nonobjectivity
    example: White on White
  8. plastic reality

    Mondrian, Abstract Reality, 1919
    the only reality is plastic reality (3-dimensionality)

    the plastic idea... should find expression in the abstraction of form and color that is to say in the straight line and the primary color

    lines that recede and advance: by overlapping floating
  9. kinaethesia
    aesthetic, inetic
  10. Suprematism
    rediscovery of pure art
  11. abstraction
    reduction to color, line, texture as content
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