Physiology - Vessels Difficult questions

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  1. factors that influence mean arteriole pressure
    • blood volume
    • effectivness of heart as a pump
    • resistance of system
    • distribution of fluid between arteries and veins
  2. blood flow
    inversly related to change in pressure / resistance
  3. Cardiac output (flow)
    • CO=P/R
    • P=CO x R
  4. vasoconstriction caused by
    myogenic activity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, endothelin, sympathetic stimulation, vasopressin, angiotensin2, and the cold
  5. vasodialation caused by:
    decreased myogenic activity oxygen, carbon dioxide, decreased sympathetic stimulation, histamine release, and heat.
  6. pulse pressure determined by
    • stroke volume
    • distensability of vessels
  7. filtration is caused by
    hydrostatic pressure
  8. blood flow is determined by
    a vessels resistance to flow
  9. disruption between the balance of filtration and absorption causes
    • increase in hydrostatic pressure
    • decrease in plasma proteins
    • increase in interstitial fluids
  10. The baroreceptor reflex: the response to orthostatic hypotension
    • increased blood pressure
    • parasympathetic only effects SA node
  11. The baroreceptor reflex: response to orthostatic hyper tension
    • decreased blood pressure
    • parasympathetic only effects the SA
  12. symptoms of hyper tension
    • headaches
    • blurred vision
    • fatigue
  13. facts of hypertension
    • occurs in 35-50% of people (50% get end organ developement)
    • shortens life by 10-20 years
    • HTN risk doubles with every 20/10 increase in mmhg
  14. secondary hypertension
    • secondary to a disease
    • nephrosclerosis is most common (3-5%)
    • hyper aldosterone increased blood volume
    • pheochromocytoma catecholamine secreting tumour
    • 5-10% causes renal disease
  15. Risk factor for atherosclerosis
    • • Heart muscle hypertrophies
    • • Pulmonary edema (build up of fluid)
    • • Congestive heart failure
  16. pressures associated with hypertension
    • wide pulse pressure: systolic
    • TPR: diastolic
  17. treatment of hypertension
    • Calcium channel blockers
    • Diuretics
    • Betablocking drugs
    • ACE inhibitors
  18. OTHER types of hypertension
    • - malignant hypertension
    • - hypertension associated to pregnancy

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