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Finnish rules
2011-03-05 03:47:01
nomative rules

Rules for the nomative case in Finnish
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  1. All pronouns are exeptions. The attributes agree with the head word in both case ending and number.
    the head word is the object being discribed.
    • Ex: täma iso talo
    • tässä isossa talossa
    • Ex: se musta auto
    • siltä mustasta autosta
  2. -si ending words
    Ex: vesi
    • -si changes to -de-
    • Ex: vede-
  3. -in endgind words
    Ex: avain
    • -in changes to -ime-
    • Ex: avaime-
  4. -is ending words
    Ex: kaunis
    • -is ending changes to -ii-
    • Ex: kaunii-
  5. -as ending words
    Ex: vieras
    • -as ending words change to -aa-
    • Ex: vieraa-
  6. -äs ending words
    Ex: aräs
    • -äs ending words change to -ää-
    • Ex: arää-
  7. -us ending words.
    Ex: kokous
    • -us ending words chang to -ukse-
    • Ex: kokoukse-
  8. -ys ending words
    Ex: kehitys
    • -ys ending words chang to -ykse-
    • Ex: kehiykse-
  9. -os ending words
    Ex: kerros
    • -os ending words change to -okse-
    • Ex: kerrokse-
  10. -ös ending words
    Ex: nätyös
    • -ös ending words change to -ökse-
    • Ex: nätyökse-
  11. -e ending words
    Ex: kone
    • -e ending words -ee-
    • Ex: konee-
  12. -nen ending words
    Ex: nainen
    • -nen ending words change to -se-
    • Ex: naise-
  13. -i ending words
    there are 3 groups of i ending words that you just learn by use.
    Ex: bussi, baari, posti (group 1)
    Ex: suomi, jarvi, sormi (group 2)
    Ex: pieni, suuri, moni (group 3)
    • -i ending words change to -i- or -e- depending on the group
    • Ex: bussi-, baari-, posti
    • Ex: suome-, jarve-, sorme-
    • Ex: piene-, suuri-, mone-
    • there is no special rule as to how they fit into the groups. these are just learned as they are used.