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  1. Acumen
    quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgement or insight
  2. Adroit
    dexterous; deft
  3. Ascertain
    to find out, as through investigation or experimentation
  4. Astute
    shrewd; clever
  5. Circumspect
    careful; prudent; discreet
  6. Disseminate
    to scatter widely, as in sowing seed
  7. Erudition
    deep, extensive learning
  8. Husbandry
    the application of scientific principles to agriculture, especially to animal breeding
  9. Pedantic
    excessively concerned with book learning and formal rules
  10. Perspicacious
    shrewd; clear-sighted
  11. Pragmatic
  12. Precocious
    exhibitting unusually early intellectual aptitude or maturity
  13. Prospectus
    formal proposal
  14. Rudimentary
    basic; elementary; in the earliest stages of development.
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