Headway Intermediate Unit 5 A6 will or going to?

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  1. A why are you wearing your old clothes?
    B Because I'_________(wash) the car.
    'm going to wash
  2. A I've got a headache. Have you got any aspirin?
    B Yes, they're in the bathroom. I __________(get) some for you.
    'll get
  3. A Don't forget to tell me if I can help you.
    B Thank you. I ___________(give) you a ring if I think of anything.
    'll give
  4. A Why are you making sandwiches?
    Because we________(have) a picnic on the beach.
    A What a lovely idea! I ________(get) the towels and the swimming costumes.
    're having , 'll get
  5. A I'm going now! Bye!
    B Bye! What time _____ you _____(be) back tonight?
    A I don't know. I ______(call) you later.
    'll you be, 'll call
  6. A You've still got my CD. Have you forgotten?
    B I'm sorry. Yes, I'd forgotten. I _______(give) it back to you tomorrow.
    'll give
  7. A Dad, can you lend me £10, please?
    I_______(give) it back tomorrow.
    B I don't know. What ______you_______(do)?
    A I______(see) a film with Tina and Mike.
    'll give , are you going to do , 'm going to see
  8. A Your exams start in two weeks' time. When _______ you_____(start) revising?
    You haven't done any revision yet.
    B I know. I_______(do) some tonight
    A You're going out tonight.
    B I _______(start) tomorrow night, then.
    are you going to start, 'll do, 'll start
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Headway Intermediate Unit 5 A6 will or going to?
Headway Intermediate Unit 5 A6 will or going to?
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