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  1. trypanosoma gambiense; clade Euglonozoa, moves using flagellum (made of flagellin, has crystalline rod)
  2. Stramenopiles
    are the diatoms and brown algae (slides of laminaria, preserved fucus, laminaria, and sargassum); 2 valved cell wall, bilaterally symmetrical
  3. preserved laminaria; photosynthetic; 2 flagella; alternation of generations
  4. laminaria
  5. preserved fucus
  6. sargassum
  7. diatom slide
  8. slide of amoeba; in clase amoebozoans; have lobe-shaped pseudopodia; heterotrophic; decomposes bacteria
  9. Clade Chlorophyta (green algae)
    includes slides of Chara, Spirogyra, and Volvox, and preserved Ulva; unicellular, both motile and nonmotile, colonial, filamentous, Autotrophic
  10. Chara slide
  11. spirogyra slide
  12. volvox slide; single cells lived in a colony
  13. Alveolates
    Paramecium (cilia, oral groove, food vacuole, macro/micronucleus, contractile vacuole) and Dinoflagellates; move by flagellates in perpendicular grooves, cellulose)
  14. Paramecium Caudata
  15. dinoflagellates
  16. Cerozoans Radiolarias (Rhizarians)
    Foraminiferans (thread-like pseudopodia, sprial patterned chambers), Forams, and Radiolaria (axopodia, spherical cell body); Heterotrophic
  17. Foraminiferans
  18. Forams
  19. radiolaria
  20. Rhodophyta (red algea)
    Porphyra and Menalion slides; preserved Coraline; pigment is phyoerythrin, no flagellum, multicellular, Autotrophic
  21. coralline
  22. Porphyra
  23. Nemalion

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