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    • Neutrophils
      • Multi-lobed, Pink-Purple Granulocyte
      • 60-70%
      • Cellular defense; phagocytosis of small pathogens
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    • Eosinophils
      • Two-lobed; Orange-Red Granulocyte
      • 2-4%
      • Vellular defense; Eats Protozoa & Parasitic Worms; Antiinflammatory for Allergic reactions
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    • Basophils
      • Two-lobed; Purple Granulocytes
      • 0.5-1%
      • Anticoagulant: Heperin; Inflammatory response: Histamine
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    • Lymphocytes
      • Smallest WBC; Scant cytoplasm
      • 20-25%
      • Humoral (fluid) defense; Immune System response & regulation; Antibodies; T- attack infected or cancerous cells; B- produce antibodies.
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    • Monocyte
      • Largest WBC; Horseshoe Nucleus
      • 3-8%
      • Migrating Macophage: Bacteria, cellular Debris; Cancerous cells
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    Artery & Vein
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      • Thymic corpuscle
      • Thymus located anterior to heart and posterior to sternum
      • Only known function is the production of T-Lymphocyte cells
      • Organ provides for the maturation of all of the T cells that you will need by adulthood and then goes dormant.
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    • Tonsil tissue
    • Identify the crypt, which is an invagination of the mucosal epithelium, and into which bacteria and other foreign matter is trapped to be worked into the lymphoid tissue to be destroyed.
    • The tonsil is the lobe with follicles containing germinal centers surrounded by scattered lymphocytes.
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