latin 2b vocabulary

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  1. moneo, -e^re, monui, monitum - v
    to warn, advise - admonish
  2. desero, - ere, deserui, desertum - v
    to desert, abandon, forsake - desert
  3. insilio, insilire, insilui - v
    to jump up on, to mount (with dat.) to jump on -
  4. abicio, -ere, abieci, abiectum - v
    to throw away, throw down, humble, debase - abject
  5. laedo, -ere, laesi, laesum - v
    to knock, strike, hurt, wound - lesion
  6. rado, -ere, rasi, rasum - v
    to scrape, scratch, shave - razor, erase
  7. tempto, -are, -avi, -atum v
    to try, attempt, urge - tempt
  8. ardeo, -ere, arsi, arsum v
    to burn, be on fire, blaze, flash - ardor, arson
  9. accuro, -ere, -curri, -cursum (instransitive) - v
    to run up to
  10. frango - -ere, fregi, fractum -v
    to break in pieces, smash, shatter - fracture, fragile
  11. incendo, -ere, -cendi, -censum - v
    to light, set on fire, burn - incense, incendiary
  12. domus, -us f,n
    home (domi=at home) - domestic
  13. tranquillitas, -atis, n, f
    serenity, calmness - tranquility
  14. nemo, -inis, m or f, n
    no one, nobody
  15. sapiens, sapientis adj.
    wise, sensible, judicious - sapient, "homo sapiens"
  16. scelestus, -a, -um, adj.
  17. neque ... neque conj.
  18. quondam adj.
    once, at one time
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