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  1. (Q1)Image Upload
      • The adrenal glands atop the kidneys
      • Served by the paired middle suprarenal arteries which flank the superior mesenteric artery
  2. (Q2)Image Upload
      • The kidneys
      • served by paired renal arteries which flank the superior mesenteric artery
  3. (Q3) Just inferior to the superior mesenteric artery...
    The paired gonadal arteries from the ventral (anterior) surface of the aorta. These are testicular or ovarian.
  4. (Q4)Image Upload
    The distal half of large intestine is served by the inferior mesenteric artery.
  5. (Q5)Image Upload
    The Aorta branches to form Common Iliac Arteries which serve the pelvis, lower abdominal wall and lower limbs.
  6. (Q6)Image Upload
    Vertebral Artery
  7. (Q7)Medial/Lateral to ClavicalImage Upload
      • Medial to clavical: Subclavian Artery
      • Lateral to Clavical: Axillary Artery
  8. (Q8)Image Upload
    Common carotid Arteries
  9. (Q9)Image Upload
    Brachial Artery
  10. (Q10)Name Arteries flaggedImage Upload
      1. Radial
      2. Ulnar
      3. Deep Palmar Arch
      4. Superficial Palmar Arch
      5. Digital
  11. (Q11)Image Upload
      1. Internal Iliac
      2. External Iliac - pulse point
      3. Femoral
  12. Image Upload
      1. Femoral
      2. Anterior Tibial
      3. Lateral Plantar
  13. What are antigens & antibodies; and how do they interact?
    Antigens are protein receptors on the surface of cells or viral surfaces. Antibodies that match antigens attach to them and hold them for T-cell or macrophage action.
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