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    FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Robie House, 1909.Chicago.

    • Prairie
    • Style, centered around fireplace
    • 2
    • sliding horizontal sections on one dominant asic
    • fortress-like
    • mass
  2. Prairie Style
  3. “Robie House” 1909, chicago –
    • (Prairie Style) by Frank Lloyd Wright
    • horizontal and flat
    • Mid western mainly
    • integration to landscape is
    • important
    • The Prairie school shared an
    • embrace of handcrafting and craftsman guilds as a reaction against
    • the new assembly line, mass production manufacturing techniques,
    • which they felt created inferior products and dehumanized workers.
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    FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Dining Room, Robie House. Chicago.
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    FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Edgar J. Kaufmann House (Fallingwater), 1934-37. Bear Run, Pennsylvania.
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  7. Pre-Fabricated Architecture-
    • Frank Lloyd Wright in 1930's
    • secured important commissions but also made a contribution to the
    • field of lowcost, prefab housing with his usonian houses.
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    FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Guggenheim Museum, 1957-59.
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    FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Guggenheim Museum interior.
  10. The International Style-
    • Gropius laid the foundation for
    • International Style

    • After he left Bauhaus 1928 he was
    • later expelled from Germany as his work was deemed degenerate, and thus he moved to US where he brought the Bauhaus curriculum and
    • ethos to new art programs.
    • Frank Lloyd Wright- critiqued
    • modernism and international style in 1930's through writings and
    • building design
  11. Le Corbusier’s 5 points for New Architecture-
    • published in 1926- points provide
    • elementary outline to International Style

    • 1. Supporting narrow pillars to be
    • left free to rise through open space of home
    • 2. The free plan- interior space
    • with non-bearing interior walls- free flow
    • 3. the free facade- wall as
    • non-supporting skin or sheath
    • 4. the horizontal strip window
    • running the breadth of a facade
    • 5. the roof garden the flat roof
    • as an additional living area.
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    LE CORBUSIER, Villa Savoye, 1928-30. Poissy, France.
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    Villa Savoye Inside details
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    LE CORBUSIER, Notre-Dame-du-Haut, 1950-54. Ronchampe, France.
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    Notre-Dame-du-Haut Inside
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    Notre-Dame-duHaut Inside
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    Building (with

    Philip Johnson)

    • Mies van der Rohe
    • 1958
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