SU Level 5 Chapter 03

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  1. 지휘자
    (musical) conductor
  2. 무료
    free; no cost
  3. 수수하다
    pleasantly simple; pleasantly plain
  4. 입상하다
    win a prize
  5. 재능
    talent; aptitude; gift; ability
  6. 발휘하다
    display; exhibit; show; demonstrate
  7. 수상하다
    win an award
  8. God
  9. 위대하다
    great (person, nation, etc..)
  10. 균형
    balance; equilibrium
  11. 열정
    passion; ardor; fervor
  12. 진로
    career; course; path
  13. 진정
    really; truly
  14. 훈장
    medal; award; badge
  15. 협연
    accompanied performance; perform with
  16. 남짓
    slightly over; above; more than
  17. 잔잔하다
    tranquil; still; calm
  18. 띠다
    when a blush or red color appears; to be reddish
  19. 벗어나다
    get out; break free
  20. 시향
    city symphony orchestra
  21. 아울러
    added; also
  22. 내용
    content; substance
  23. 평가
    appraisal; assessment; evaluation
  24. 도입
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