Middle East

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  1. Fertile Crescent
    The land between the Tigris and Euphraetis rivers
  2. Abraham
    • A descendant of Adam, father of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity
    • Abrahamic Religions
  3. Isaac
    Son of Abraham and Mary, created Judaism
  4. Ishmael
    Son of Abraham and some other lady, saved by God where Mecca was created
  5. People of the book
    • The three Abrahamic relogions which all have a holy book
    • Torah
    • Bible
    • Qu'resh
  6. Muhammad
    The prophet who started Islam
  7. Mecca
    The place where Ishmael was saved and where Muhammad was born
  8. Medina
    The city where Muhammad was accepted and where he first preached the ways of Islam
  9. Kaaba
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