Chemistry test two

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  1. what is found by subracting reactant and produccts concentrations at any point during a reaction into the equilibrium constant
  2. when Q is less than k the reaction will do what
    move left to right
  3. when q is greater than k the reaction will do what
    move left right to left
  4. when you add a substance what will happen to the reaction
    the equilibrium will shift to consume the added substance
  5. for an endothermic reaction or an increase in temp it shifts the equillibrium to the
  6. for an exothermic reaction the equillibrium does what
    moves to the left
  7. what is the basic of the bronsted-lowry acid and base
    transfer of H ions
  8. if the pH of a solution is above 7 its what
  9. if the pH is below 7 the its what
  10. what are the 7 strong acids
    • HCL
    • HBr
    • HI
    • HNO3
    • HClO3
    • HClO4
    • H2SO4
  11. what are some of the goups that have strong bases
    • group 1A
    • group 2A
  12. what is the conjugate base of HSO4
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