Greek II Quiz 3-9-2011

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  1. What is a genetive Absolute Construction?
    An absolute construction is one that has no grammatical relationship to the main sentence
  2. What does a genitive absolute consiste of?

    what does it form?

    and what is its relation to the sentence?
    A genetive absolute consist of a noun or pronoun and a participle

    both in the genitive case that form a temporal clause

    that is not grammatically related to the rest of the sentence
  3. What does a genitie absolute have that is its own?
    A genitive absolute has its own subject and verb

    which are different from the subject and verb of the main sentence
  4. What do the genivite noun or pronoun form?

    and how does the genitive participle function?
    they form the subject of the clause,

    and the genitive participle functions as the verb. Its tense gives the time relationship
  5. What is the main thing to remember about Perfect Active Participles
    1- they all have a "le" in the beginning

    2- they all have a "K" in the middle

    3- they all have a morphene of "o", "ot" or "ui" before the ending
  6. What is the Perfect Active Participle Paradigm singular?
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  7. What is the Perfect Active Participle Paradigm plural?
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  8. What is the main thing to remember about Perfect Middle/Passive Participle
    1 - they all have a "le" in the beginning

    2 - they all have a "mev" before the ending
  9. What is the Perfect Middle/Passive Participle paradigm singular?
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  10. What is the 1st Aorist Middle Participle paradigm plural?
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  11. What is the patterns for the periphrastic tense for eimies... 2 patterns
    • Present is Present of eimi + pres part
    • Imperfect is Imperf of eimi + (same)

    Future is Future of eimi + (same)

    Perfect is present of eimi + perf part

    Pluperfect imperfect of eimi + (same)

    Future perfect fut of eimi + (same)
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