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  1. The dolch Basic sight words consist of a relatively short list of words that children should be able to?

    A.Know the meaning of
    B.Recognize on sight
    C. Sound out
    D.Use in a sentence
    C. in order to check your answer, test out the statement by adding the choices to the end of it.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. Which of the folloing words is one of the twelve most frequently used in children reading text.

    A. The
    B. An
    C. This
    D. There
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  3. Which of the folling two arguments accurately supports the use of cooperative learning as an effective method of instruction?
    I. cooperative learning groups facilitate healthy compeition between individuls in the group.
    II. cooperative learning groups allow academic acheivers to carry or cover for academic underachievers
    III. cooperative learning groups make each student in the group accountable for the success of the group
    IV. cooperative learning groups make it possible for students to reward other group members for achieving.

    A. I and II
    B. II and III
    C. I and III
    D. III and IV
  4. Multicultural education is not

    A. An idea or concept
    B. A ''tack-on'' to the school curriculum
    C. An educational reform curriculum
    D. A process
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