Painting Renaissance 1

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    "Man in the Red Turban", Van Eyck, 1400 (2),(Late Gothic/Netherlands)
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    "The Arnolfini Wedding" Van Eyck, 1400 (2),(Late Gothic/Netherlands)
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    "Annunciation" Van Eyck, 1400 (2),(Late Gothic/Netherlands)
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    "Ghent Altarpiece" Van Eyck, 1400 (2),(Late Gothic/Netherlands)
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    "Annunciation" Robert Campin, 1400
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    "Annunciation" Simone Martini, 1300(Late Medieval/Italy)
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    "Les Trés Riches Heures du Duc de Berry," Limbourg brothers, 1400 (1)(International Gothic/Flemish)
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    "Trinity", Massacio, 1400 (2)(Early Renaissance, Central Italy)
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    "Adoration of the Magi", Massacio, 1400 (2)(Early Renaissance, Central Italy)
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    "Battista Sforza (The Duchess of Urbino)" Piero della Francesca 1400(3)(Early Renaissance, Central Italy)
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    "The Resurrection" Piero della Francesca 1400(4)(Early Renaissance, Central Italy)
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    "The Annunciation" Fra Angelico, 1400(2)(Early Renaissance, Central Italy)
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    "Birth of Venus" Botticelli, 1400(4)(Early Renaissance, Central Italy)
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    "Adoration of the Magi" Gentile da Fabriano, 1400(1)International Gothic Style, Central Italy)
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    "Fetus in the Womb" Leonarda da Vinci 1500(1)(High Renaissance/Central Italy)
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    "Storm over a Valley" Leonarda da Vinci 1500(1)(High Renaissance/Central Italy)
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    "Star of Bethlehem" Leonarda da Vinci 1500(1)(High Renaissance/Central Italy)
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    Ginevra de' Benci Leonarda da Vinci 1400(3)(Early Renaissance/Central Italy)
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    "Mona Lisa" Leonarda da Vinci 1503(High Renaissance/Central Italy)
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    "The Last Supper" Leonarda da Vinci 1400(4)(High Renaissance/Central Italy)
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    "Last Supper" Castagno 1400(3)(Early Renaissance/Central Italy)
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