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  1. ls -a
    lists files including hidden
  2. ls
    lists files
  3. ls -l
    lists files long format
  4. touch
    creates a file
  5. cat
    display a file
  6. nano
    quick editor
  7. vi
    full featured editor
  8. emacs
    programming editor
  9. rm
    remove a file
  10. cp
    copy a file
  11. mv
    move a file
  12. mkdir
    make directory
  13. pwd
    print working directory
  14. cd
    go to home directory
  15. rmdir
    remove directory
  16. rm -r
    remove directory with files
  17. passwd
    change password
  18. whoami
    display user name
  19. who
    display all users logged in
  20. w
    display all users logged in long
  21. finger
    ids a user
  22. logout
  23. login
  24. su
    switch user
  25. shutdown
    shutdown computer
  26. halt
    halt computer now
  27. chmod
    change file permissions
  28. chown
    change owner
  29. chgrp
    change group
  30. adduser
    add user
  31. userdel
    delete user
  32. usermod
    modify user
  33. addgroup
    add group
  34. ps
    lists users processes
  35. ps aux
    lists auxilary processes
  36. kill
    kill a process
  37. &
    run in background
  38. which
    which file is being ran
  39. whereis
    which file long format
  40. slocate
    secure locate
  41. locate
    locate an item in a database
  42. find
    find a file
  43. tar -cvf
    creates a group of files
  44. tar -xvf
    extracts a file
  45. gzip
    creates a compressed file
  46. gzip -d
    uncompress a file
  47. --help
    help on a command
  48. help
    help on a command
  49. man
    definative source of a command
  50. apropos
    one liner help
  51. info
    info on a command
  52. google LINUX
    search internet for info
  53. echo
    prints to screen
  54. date
    set date and time
  55. more
    stop at a screen full
  56. less
    scrolls a screen full
  57. sort
    orders a file
  58. uniq
    remove the duplicates
  59. diff
    shows the difference between files
  60. grep
    find text
  61. head
    shows first n lines
  62. tail
    shows last n lines
  63. history
    shows last commands
  64. !n
    runs command n
  65. !!
    runs that last command
  66. >
    output to file
  67. >>
    appends to a file
  68. *
    matches any length characters
  69. ?
    matches 1 character
  70. []
    matches characters in brackets

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