FNS 29 Temperature Regulation

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  1. What regions of the CNS are responsible for the regulation of body temp?
    • Hypothalamus
    • Spinal Cord
  2. Which thermoreceptors are more numerous?
    Cold receptors (3-10x)
  3. Cold Receptors:
    Fiber type?
    Maximum a.p. range?
    • Small myelinated fibers
    • 23-28 C
  4. Warm Receptors:
    Fiber type?
    Maximum a.p. range?
    • Unmyelinated C fibers
    • 38-43 C
  5. What types of fibers sense temperature pain?
    • Cold-pain receptors (15 C)
    • Heat-pain receptors (45 C)
  6. What are the methods of increasing heat production and conserving heat?
    • Posterior hypothalamus - control
    • Shivering
    • Voluntary exercise
    • Peripheral vasoconstriction
    • Piloerection
    • Sympathetic activation - increases cellular metabolism
    • Synth of thyroid hormone - increases cellular metabolism over several weeks
  7. What is a set point?
    • Core temperature where no thermoregulatory effector activity required
    • Changed by thermoreceptor input
  8. What region in the brain is responsible for increasing heat dissipation?
    • Anterior hypothalamus
    • Lesions result in hyperthermia
  9. What are the methods for increasing heat dissipation?
    • Vasodilation
    • Cholinergic activation of sweat glands
    • Inhibition of heat production
    • Behavioral modifications (clothing...)
  10. What causes a fever?
    • Pyrogens influence the hypothalamus by increasing prostaglandin synthesis
    • This elevates the thermal set point

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FNS 29 Temperature Regulation
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FNS 29 Temperature Regulation
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