pediatric pulm disorder ex2

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  1. what is epiglottitis caused by
  2. what is croup caused by
  3. what drug is used to treat croup
    racemic epiniphrine
  4. what may help diagnosed epiglottitis, what are some clinical manifestatations
    • high fever
    • severe soar throat
    • drooling
    • **rapid onset
  5. what is the age group of epiglottitis
    2-6 years old
  6. what is the age group of croup
    3 months - 3 years
  7. what is the onset of croup
    1-2 days
  8. clinical manifestations of croup
    • barky cough
    • stridor
  9. what test can you do with epiglottitis
    lateral neck xray
  10. what should you do if you see a positive lateral neck xray
    immediate stablish a airway
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pediatric pulm disorder ex2
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