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  1. State the rough geographic location of Languedoc and Roussillon
    Mediterranean coast, near Pyrenees
  2. Name the famous sparkling wine of Languedoc
    Cremant de Limoux or blanquette de Limoux
  3. Name a Vin Doux Naturel
    Banyuls or Maury
  4. State the major wine regions surrounding Southwest
    Bordeaux, Langedoc-Roussillon
  5. Name the grape of Cahors
  6. Name an AOC for the Tannat grape
    Irouléguy or Madiron
  7. State the rough geographic location of Jura and Savoie
    Near Swiss alps, lake Geneva, closest to burgundy region
  8. Define Vin Juane
    • An oxidized wine 6 years in barrels, un-topped (Flor yeast)
    • Ex: Chateau Chalon
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