Chapter 4 68-End

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  1. Describe Mature Connective Tissue
    • •Loose
    • Connective Tissue

    • •Dense
    • Connective Tissue




  2. Describe Loose Connective Tissue
    • •Loosely woven
    • fibers throughout tissues
  3. What are the types of LCT
    • –areolar
    • connective tissue

    • –adipose
    • tissue

    • –reticular
    • tissue
  4. What are the types of Dense Connective Tissue?
    • –dense regular
    • connective tissue

    • –dense irregular
    • connective tissue

    • –elastic
    • connective tissue
  5. Found where pulling forces are exerted in many directions, tissue can resist tension from
    any direction.
    Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
  6. Strong and can recoil to original shape after stretching
    Lung tissue, arteries, vocal cords, ligament
    between vertebrae
    Elastic Connective Tissue
  7. is a dense network of collagen fibers and elastic fibers
    firmly embedded in chondroitin sulfate (rubbery ground substance)
  8. Cartilage cells found in the spaces called
  9. Types of cartilage are?
    –hyaline cartilage


    –elastic cartilage
  10. Interstitial fluid being transported in lymphatic vessels
  11. Returns or supplies fluid, cells and substances (lipids) to circulation
  12. flat sheets of pliable tissue that cover or line a part of
    the body
  13. A combination of an epithelial layer and an underlying connective tissue layer
    Epithelial membranes
  14. What are the types of membranes?
    Mucous, Serous, and Cutaneous
  15. Lines a body cavity that opens directly to the outside, simple columnar is very common.
    Mucous Membranes
  16. Simple squamous cells overlying loose CT layer, areolar connective tissue covered by mesothelium
    Serous Membranes
  17. Examples of what?
    peritoneum and pericardium

    –membrane on
    walls of cavity, parietal layer

    –membrane over
    organs in cavity, visceral layer
    Serous Membranes
  18. Stratified squamous overlying Dense Irregular Connective tissue layer
    Cutaneous Membrane
  19. Line joint cavities of all freely movable joints
    No epithelial cells---just special cells that secrete
    slippery fluid
    Synoival Membranes
  20. Identify the Tissue
  21. Identify the Tissue
  22. Identify the Tissue
  23. Identify the Tissue
  24. Identify the Tissue
    Cutaneous Membrane
  25. Identify the Tissue
    Desnse Elastic Connective
  26. Identify the Tissue
    Dense Irregular
  27. Identify the Tissue
    Dense Regular
  28. Identify the Tissue
    Elastic Cartilige
  29. Identify the Tissue
  30. Identify the Tissue
    Hyline Cartilige
  31. Identify the Tissue
    Mucous Membrane
  32. Identify the Tissue
  33. Identify the Tissue
    Serous Membrane
  34. Identify the Tissue
    Synovial Membrane
  35. Identify the Tissue

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