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  1. Who is responsible for User needs being met?
    Project Manager
  2. Who deals with the Project Product Dilemma?
    Project Manager
  3. Who deals with the Product status
    Project Manager
  4. Who deals with the overall monitoring of the Project?
    Project Manager
  5. Who deals with the planning of the project?
    Project Manager
  6. Who tests the quality of the products?
    Project Manager
  7. Who deals with change during a project?
    Project Manager
  8. Who deals with communication in relation to the project?
    Project Manager
  9. Who deals with strategy during the project?
    Project Manager
  10. Who is responsible for Teamwork during the project?
    Project Manager
  11. Who is responsible for line management during the project?
    Project Manager
  12. What does a successful team consist of?
    • Effective Communication flows
    • Business User
    • Supplier
    • Roles & Reviews
    • Defined Responsibilities
    • Accountability at each level
  13. Where is the change authority detailed?
    in the config management strategy
  14. Who is reponsible for Change Authority?
    Project Board
  15. Who can be delegated Change Authority?
    • Project Board
    • Executive
    • Corporate or Programme
  16. The PMs decisions can be delegated to who?
  17. How many PMs and Project Executives can you have?
    1 of each
  18. What does PRINCE2 define in terms of who does what?
    It defines Roles not Jobs
  19. What is the job of Project Assurance?
    • To monitor the Project
    • Support the PM
  20. What status does Project Assurance have?
  21. When Project Assurance is shared - what should you do?
    Ensure each responsibility is defined
  22. What does project support do?
    Offers guidance
  23. In terms of PRINCE2 is Project Support neccesary or optional?
    Neccessary - in fact it has to have it!
  24. What does project support offer?
    • Config Management
    • Use of tools
    • Planning
    • Analyis of Risk
  25. What 4 characteristics should the project board exhibit?
    • Availability
    • Ability to Delegate
    • Authority
    • Credibility
  26. What types of Quality roles are there and who are they?
    • Approver
    • Producer
    • Reviewer
  27. What type of acceptance criteria can you have in Quality?
  28. Where is the Acceptance Criteria Agreed?
    Starting up a project
  29. Who can change the acceptance criteria?
    Project Board
  30. What should the product description contain?
    • Purpose
    • Composition (& tolerances)
    • Customers Quality Expectations
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • Methods
    • Responsibilities
  31. In terms of the approach to Quality - what should you do?
    • Identify Products
    • Define Descriptions
    • Implement and track quality methods
  32. What types of quality assurance are there?
    • Project assurance
    • Quality assurance
  33. What type of assurance assures stakeholders
    Project assurance
  34. What type of assurance is independant of Project Roles?
    Project Assurance
  35. Who's responsibility is the Project Assurance
    Project Board
  36. Differences between Project Assurance and Quality Assurance?
    • Quality assurance assures Corporate or Programme
    • Independant of whole project
    • QA would look to PA to conduct assurance
  37. where is the quality defined?
    The product breakdown structure
  38. What types of Quality methods are there in Quality?
    • In Process
    • Appraisal
  39. Customer Quality Expectations should cover?
    • Key quality requirements
    • Measurements used to assess
    • Standards and processes to achieve quality
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