Microbiology Food

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  1. Fermented Foods - What are microbes for? (4)
    • Digest food first
    • preserve food
    • make food digestable
    • add nutrients
  2. types of Fermentation (3)
    • Homolactic - production of single type of acid - lowers pH - usualy pyruvate --> 2lactic acid
    • Heterolactic - produces lactic acid, ethanol, and 2co2
    • Ethanolic - produces 2ethanol, 2co2
  3. What bacteria and type of fermentation are used to make sausage and cheese? Sauerkraut? Beer?
    • Lactobacillus and propionbacterium - homolactic
    • Leuconostoc bacteria - hetero
    • Saccharomyces cervisiae - ethanolic
  4. What is happening during Acidic Dairy Fermentation
    • Milk is coagulated by bacteria to form curds
    • These are a result of lactose digested and fermented to lactate (lactose-intolerant people can eat - no lactose)
    • Proteases cut up milk protein - makes harder cheese
  5. Acid dairy fermentation examples Swiss cheese. Name bacteria
    Propionibacterium - swiss cheese (produces co2 - holes)
  6. Acid dairy fermentation examples Blue cheese. Name bacteria
  7. Acid dairy fermentation examples Yogurt, kefir, sausage,. Name bacteria (2)
    • Lactobacillus
    • Streptococcus
  8. Acid dairy fermentation examples Buttermilk, sour cream. Name bacteria
  9. Acidic vegetables
    Soybeans, Cabbage, Cuccumbers, olives (pickling)
  10. Alkaline fermented foods
    • Soybeans - Baccilus
    • Locust Beans - bacillus
    • Eggs - Bacillus
  11. Food spoilage (what happens to dairy, meat, seafood)
    • Dairy - amines released and pH increased (spoil)
    • Meat - proteins broken down to odoriferous compunds (rancid)
    • Seafood - fish microflora grow at low temps

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Microbiology Food
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Microbiology Food

Microbiology Food
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