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  1. This antibiotic is brokendown into 4 generations.
  2. Are cephalosporins bactericidal or bacteriostatic?
  3. As the generations progress in cephalosporins, which type of bacteria do they become increasingly more capable of killing?
    Gram negative
  4. List the 6 antibiotics in the 1st generation of cepaholsporins.
    • cefadroxil
    • cefazolin
    • cephalexin
    • cephalothin
    • cephradine
    • cephapirin
  5. What are cephalosporins in Generation 1 typically used for?
    • Surgical prophylaxis
    • URIs
    • Otitis media
  6. True or False
    Cephalosporins are considered Broad
    spectrum antibiotics.
  7. Name the 9 antibiotics that are in the 2nd Generation of cephalosporins.
    • cefotetan
    • cefoxitin
    • cefonicid
    • cefaclor
    • cefamandole
    • cefmetazole
    • cefuroxime
    • cefprozil
    • loracarbef
  8. What is the Trade name for cefoxitin?
  9. How is Mefoxin administered?
    IV and IM
  10. What is Mefoxin used to treat?
    • Prophylaxis for ab and colorectal surgeries
    • Kills anaerobes
  11. What are 2 Trade names for cefuroxime?
    • Kefurox
    • Ceftin
  12. How is cefuroxime administered?
  13. What is cefuroxime used to treat?
    • Surgical prophylaxis
    • Does NOT kill anaerobes
  14. Which Generation is the most potent against Gram-negative bacteria?
    3rd Generation
  15. Name the 8 antibiotics in Generation 3 of cephalosporins.
    • cefixime
    • cefotaxime
    • ceftazidime
    • cefpodoxime
    • ceftizoxime
    • ceftibuten
    • ceforperazone
    • ceftriaxone
  16. What is the Trade name of cefixime?
  17. Which 3rd Generation antibiotic is best available oral cephalosporin agains gram-negative bacteria?
  18. What is a Trade name for ceftriaxone?
  19. How is Rocephin administered?
    IV and IM
  20. How often can Rocephin be administered and why?
    Once a day because it has a long half-life
  21. What is Rocephin used to treat and why?
    CNS infections because it easily passes the meninges and diffuses into CSF
  22. What are 4 Trade names for ceftazidime?
    • Ceptaz
    • Fortaz
    • Tazidime
    • Tazicef
  23. How is ceftazidime administered?
    IV and IM
  24. What is ceftazidime used to treat?
    Difficult-to-treat Pseudomonas sp
  25. Name the antibiotic in the 4th Generation of cephalosporins.
  26. What is the newest cephalosporin agent?
  27. True or False
    Cephalosporins can alter the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.
  28. Should cephalosporins be given with or without food?
    With food to decrease GI upset, but this does delay absorption
  29. What s/s should you monitor for after administration of cephalosporins?
    • Fever
    • Diarrhea
    • Bloody stools
    • Abdominal pain
  30. If patient has allergic reactions to _______, it is also likely they may have allergic reactions to cephalosporins as well.
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