Spanish Vocab

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  1. el agricultor
    the farmer
  2. el alquiler
    the rent
  3. la casilla
    polling station
  4. el chivo expiatorio
    the scape goat
  5. los comicios
  6. la cosecha
    the harvest
  7. el conteo
    tallying of the vote
  8. el dedazo
    selection of the next president?
  9. el desempleo
  10. el discurso
    speech, lecture
  11. el hartazgo
  12. el lema
    the slogan
  13. el mandatario
  14. el papel
  15. el zócalo
    plaza, main square
  16. priísta
    pertaining to the PRI
  17. amañado
    fixed, rigged
  18. acorralado
    cornered, intimidated
  19. izquierdista
  20. agarrado
  21. amarrado
    tied up
  22. La anulación
  23. el bautizo
  24. la castidad
  25. el celibato
  26. el cura
    the priest who helps the pastor
  27. el curando
    a person who uses traditional healing methods
  28. la doctrina
    religious doctrine
  29. la excomunicación
  30. el hereje
  31. la hostia
    the host (bread)
  32. la limosna
  33. el obispo
  34. el párroco
    the head priest of a church
  35. el pecado
  36. alabar
    to praise
  37. confesar
    to hear confession
  38. confesarse
    to confess
  39. comulgar
    to receive the host
  40. excomulgar
    to excommunicate
  41. fornicar
    to have sex outside of marriage
  42. ordenarle a alguien
    to ordain someone
  43. pecar
    to sin
  44. apropiarse de
    to appropriate
  45. empeorar
    to worsen
  46. fracasar
    to fail
  47. incomodar
    to make uneasy
  48. pisar
    to set foot on
  49. plantear
    to propose
  50. pudrir
    to rot
  51. resaltar
    to stand out
  52. subsidiar
    to subsidize
  53. subyacer
    to underlie
  54. echar la culpa
    to blame
  55. estar parado
    to stand
  56. ponerse a uno la piel de gallin
    to get goosebumps
  57. pegarse a uno la gana
    to feel like
  58. poner algo en riesgo
    to put something at risk
  59. a como diera lugar
    one way or another
  60. la cochi no suelta la mazorca ni aunque le den palos:
    the pig doesn't drop the corncob even if it is beaten with a club
  61. dar marcha atrás
    to retreat
  62. tomar otras medidas
    to take other steps
  63. acabar (con)/ acabarse
    to finish off/to run out of
  64. andar
    to walk, to hang out, to function/work
  65. bajar
    to get something down
  66. Quepo
    will I fit?
  67. no cabe duda
    there is no doubt
  68. cambiar
    to make change or to simply change something
  69. coger
    to take or to grab (replace tomar)
  70. dar a la calle
    to face the street
  71. dar igual o da lo mismo
    it doesnt matter
  72. dar lata
    to be a pain
  73. dar coraje
    to make mad
  74. déjame en paz
    leave me alone
  75. que lo disfruten
    enjoy yourself
  76. durar
    to last
  77. echar de menos
    to miss someone
  78. echar a perder
    to spoil
  79. échame la mano
    to lend a hand
  80. echar un ojo
    to have a quick look
  81. encargar
    to ask for something/to order
  82. equivocarse
    to make a mistake
  83. estar de
    used for moods
  84. guardar
    to put something away, to save
  85. llevar+ númbero
    i have been here X long
  86. llevarse con
    to get along
  87. llevar
    to wear
  88. meterse con
    to get involved
  89. meterse en
    to get into trouble
  90. me/te parecer
    convey likes and dislike
  91. parece que
    to look like
  92. pedir permiso
    ask for permission
  93. pedir perdón
    to apologize
  94. pedir ingormes
    to ask for information
  95. pedir ayuda
    to ask for help
  96. pedur prestado
    to borrow
  97. quedarse con
    To keep
  98. quedarse helado
    to be left frozen with fear
  99. quedarse en blanco
    to not understand
  100. quedar bien/mal
    to end up well or badly with someone
  101. quedar
    to fit
  102. quedar cerca
    describe location
  103. con/sin querer
    on purpose/by accident
  104. siento haber
    sorry for...
  105. servir
    to function
  106. en qué le puedo servir
    how may i help you
  107. sonar
    to sound/ to ring a bell
  108. subir
    to get on, to put up
  109. me toca
    my turn
  110. tratar de
    to try
  111. tratarse
    to relate to
  112. tener que ver con
    to have to do with
  113. se ve
    it looks
  114. volver a
    to repeat
  115. volverse
    to become
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