bio 3/14

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  1. Blood
    Consist of plasma
  2. Red Blood Cells
    Carry oxygen, hemoglobin (red pigment, carry oxygen)
  3. White Blood Cells
    • Immune System, eat bacteria.
    • Blood cells produced in bone marrow
  4. Platelets
    Blood Clotting, stop bleeding
  5. Leukemia
    Lymphocytes in blood (too many)
  6. Anemia
    low count on red blood cells
  7. Lymphoma
    High Lymphocytes (t cells, b cells, eat bacteria) in organs
  8. HIV
    Destroys T-Cells, opportunistic infection
  9. Lymphocyte
    Big round dark nucleus
  10. Neutrophil
    Pink. Anti microbial.
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