Topic 6 - Hydrocarbons

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  1. What is a homologus series?
    A group of compounds with similar chemical properties, same general formula and same name ending
  2. What is the general formula for the alkanes?
    Cn H2n + 2
  3. What is the general formula for the alkenes?
    Cn H2n
  4. What is the general formula for the cycloalkanes?
    Cn H2n
  5. What is a saturated compound?
    A copound that contains only single covalent bonds
  6. Cycloalkanes have what kind of structure?
    A closed ring structure
  7. What are isomers?
    Compounds with the same molecular formula but different structural formula
  8. What kind of compounds will decolourise bromine solution?
  9. What is hydrogenation?
    When alkenes react with hydrogen in the presense of a suitable catalyst to form alkanes
  10. Long chain molecules can be broken down into smaller molecules by a process called?
  11. Why does cracking always produce some unsaturated hydrocarbons?
    As there is not enough hydrogen for all the products to be saturated

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Topic 6 - Hydrocarbons
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Chemistry Hydrocarbons

Standard Grade Chemistry - Topic 6 - Hydrocarbons
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