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  1. What means eraser (for a chalkboard) in Spanish?
    El borrador
  2. What means calculator in Spanish?
    La calculadora
  3. What means notebook in Spanish?
    El cuaderno
  4. What means (bilingual) dictionary in Spanish?
    El diccionario (bilingüe)
  5. What means (teacher's) desk in Spanish?
    El escritorio
  6. What means pencil in Spanish?
    El lápiz
  7. What means book in Spanish?
    El libro
  8. What means backpack in Spanish?
    La mochila
  9. What means paper in Spanish?
    El papel
  10. What means chalkboard in Spanish?
    El pizarrón
  11. What means chalk in Spanish?
    La tiza
  12. What means computer in Spanish?
    La computadora
  13. What means printer in Spanish?
    La impresora
  14. What means screen in Spanish?
    La pantalla
  15. What means mouse (for a computer) in Spanish?
    El ratón
  16. What means keyboard (for the computer) in Spanish?
    El teclado
  17. What means class (as in classroom) in Spanish?
    La clase
  18. What means school in Spanish?
    La escuela
  19. What means test in Spanish?
    El examen
  20. What means lesson in Spanish?
    La lección
  21. What means quiz in Spanish?
    La prueba
  22. What means homework in Spanish?
    La tarea
  23. What means art in Spanish?
    El arte
  24. What means science in Spanish?
    Las ciencias
  25. What means computer science in Spanish?
    La computación
  26. What means physical education in Spanish?
    La educación física
  27. What means social studies in Spanish?
    Los estudios sociales
  28. What means history in Spanish?
    La historia
  29. What means English in Spanish?
    El inglés
  30. What means literature in Spanish?
    La literatura
  31. What means mathematics in Spanish?
    Las matemáticas
  32. What means subject in Spanish?
    La materia
  33. What means music in Spanish?
    La música

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