social studies test sce 13.1- 13.2

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  1. ____ is the plate movment that causes earthquakes and volcanic?
    Ring of fire
  2. ____ makes Singapore one of the busiest shipping port in the world
    Strait of Malacca
  3. ___ is China's main river system
    Huang He
  4. ___is called the roof of the world
    Plateau of Tibet
  5. __ is an important trade route in China
    Chang Jiang
  6. What landform lies betwwen the Himalaya and Kunlun Shun
    Plateau of Tibet
  7. East Asia's Major lowlands are North China and
    Manchurian plain
  8. __ is a mountainous country/island
  9. The mainland is crossed by
  10. China's most important river system is the
    Chang Jiang
  11. The ___ flows 2,600 before emptying into the south china sea
  12. Mongolian word that means without water
  13. Hurrican-like storm that forms in the pacific and blows across coastal Asia
  14. Mongolian word for dry summer and harsh winter
  15. Climate zone of south western China and Plateau of Tibet
  16. Climate zone of northeastern China, the northern part of the korean peninsula, and northern Japan
    Humid continental
  17. What brings harsh winters to , Mongolia
    Cold artic winds from Siberia
  18. What brings harsh winters to, Japan
    Cold ocean currents
  19. What keeps temps. moderate in the tropical countries of Singapore
    Sea Breezes
  20. What keeps temps. in new Guinea moderate
  21. The climates of Easta sia and South eats asia are shaped by three diffrent
    air masses
  22. In winter cold artic winds lower temps in
    ____ and northern China
  23. Parts of Indonesia recieve ___ inches of rain per year
  24. Much of Southeast Asia lies in the ____ but ___ keeps coastal temps moderate
    • 1. Tropics
    • 2. Sea breezes
  25. The ____ is a large desert in this region
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