dental assisting

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  1. dentifrices and mouth rinses are the major products for routinely administering effective cosmetic and ____ agents in the mouth.
  2. complex, comes in many forms, most common, but prevent tartar and cariese, to whiten teeth, eliminate hypersensitivity, and reduce plaque and gingivitis.
  3. two categories of mouth rinises
    essential oils, and chlorhexidine
  4. used 5 to 20 minutes a day, lasts longer then dentifrices and mouthrinses, and stimulates salivary flow.
    chewing gum
  5. mixtures used on the tooth in conjunction with a toothbrush
  6. stains that occur on the surface of the teeth that can be removed
    extrinsinc stains
  7. stains that can not be removed
    instrinsic stains
  8. the degree of dentifrice abrasiveness depends on:
    • the inherent hardness of the abrasive.
    • size of the abrasive particle.
    • shape of the particle.
  9. this is economical and a very effective abrasive, although it can limit the amount of flouridr in toothpaste.
    calcium carbonate
  10. responsible for the teeth feeling clean and white
    phosphate abrasives
  11. mechanically clean the tooth and not react with other ingredients
  12. added to toothpastes to maintain the moisture and help maintain the consistency
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