Structure of the Earth

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  1. The crust of the Earth has two components. They are _____ and _____.
    Continental, Oceanic
  2. Continental rocks are situated at a higher elevation than the oceanic rocks because continental rocks are ____ dense.
  3. The composition of the Continental crust is _____, and the composition of the oceanic crust is _____.
    Felsic, Mafic
  4. The density of the Mantle varies from _____ to _____ g/cm3
    3.3, 4.5
  5. The _____ includes the whole crust, and the upper part of the Mantle.
  6. The Earth's core is made of _____ in the _____ state in the outer core and _____ state in the inner.
    iron, liquid, solid
  7. What is the name of the Earth's layer that is in a plastic state?
  8. This plastic layer is made of _____ and _____.
    rocks, magma
  9. The average thickness of the lithosphere is about _____ km, and the thickness of the asthenosphere is about _____ km.
    100, 600
  10. The sinking and the uplifting of the lithosphere due to loading and unloading is known as ____.
  11. Out of the two seismic body wave types the _____ are faster than _____ waves.
    Primary, Secondary
  12. Seismic _____ waves do not go through liquids or gasses.
  13. Which type of seismic waves indicate that the Earth's outer core is liquid.
  14. Earth's _____ field indicates that the Earth's core is made of Iron.
  15. The difference between the crust and the mantle is in their _____.
  16. The difference between the lithosphere and the asthnosphere is in their _____.
  17. The solid outer shell of the Earth is called the _____.
  18. The _____ and the Earth share similar internal compositions because they both formed from the same nebula.
  19. Isostasy indicates that the lithosphere of the Earth is _____ on the asthenosphere.
  20. The ocean floor around large seamounts is _____ due to the weight of the seamounts.
  21. The California lithosphere is a giant block of rocks that is about _____ km (_____ miles) thick
    80 (48)
  22. The lithosphere/asthenosphere boundary is _____ than the crust/mantle boundary.
  23. The physical state "Plastic" is a combincation of _____ and _____ states.
    solid, liquid
  24. _____ and _____ increases with increasing depth into the Earth.
    temperature, pressure
  25. Increasing _____ makes solids go to liquids, and increasing _____ makes liquids go to solids.
    temperature, pressure
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