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  1. hip flexors (illicus and psoas major)
    • femoral nerve L2-L4
    • illicus L2-L3
    • pt flexes hip through full ROM
  2. sartorius
    • femoral nerve L2, L3
    • pt flexes, abd, ER while flexing knee
  3. hip extensors (hip extensors vs gluteus maximus)
    • glut max-inferior gluteal nerve L5- S2
    • semitendinosus- sciatic nerve L5-S2
    • semimembranosus- sciatic nerve L5-S2
    • biceps femoris- sciatic nerve L5-S2
    • pt extend hip through full available ROM
  4. hip abductors (glut med and glut min)
    • glut med- superior gluteal nerve L4-S1
    • glut min- " "
    • pt abd hip through full available ROM
  5. Tensor Fascia Lata
    • superior gluteal L4-S1
    • pt abducts through full available ROM
  6. hip adductors (add magnus, longus, brevis, pectineus, gracilis)
    • magnus- obturator nerve L2-L4
    • pectineus- femoral nerve L2-L4
    • gracilis- obturator nerve L2-L3
    • pt adducts hip through full available ROM
  7. hip internal rotators
    • TFL
    • glut med and min
    • pt rotates hip medially through full available ROM
  8. hip external rotators
    • piriformis- S1-S2
    • gemellus superior- obturator L5-S2
    • gemellus inferior-quadratus femoris L4-S1
    • obturator internus- obturator L5-S2
    • obturator externus- obturator L5-S2
    • quadratus femoris- quadratus femoris L4- S1
    • pt rotates hip laterally through full availabe ROM
  9. quads
    • rectus femoris- femoral L2-L4
    • vasti lateralis, medialis, intermedius- femoral L2-L4
    • pt extends knee through full available ROm
  10. hamstrings
    group vs medial and lateral hamstrings
    • biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus- sciatic nerve L5-S2
    • pt flexes knee to 90 degrees while rotating knees laterally
  11. gastroc
    WB vs NWB
    • gastroc and soleus- tibial nerve S1-S2
    • gastroc- pt rises on toes of wt bearing leg while keeping knee extended
    • soleus- pt rises on toes of wt bearing leg through full range of ankle PF, keeping the knee flexed
  12. hislop and montgomery grading scale
    • 5- pt raises the heel from the floor through full ROM 20x
    • 4- pt raises the heel from the floor through full ROM 10-19x
    • 3- pt raises the heel from the floor through full ROM 1-9x
  13. anterior tibialis
    • deep peroneal nerve L4-S1
    • pt moves foot into dorsiflexion and inversion
  14. tibialis posterior
    • tibial nerve L5-S1
    • pt inverts subtalar joint through full available ROM
  15. peroneal muscles
    longus and brevis- superficial peroneal nerve L4-S1
  16. MTP flexors
    • lumbricals- medial plantar (1st lumbrical) L5-S1 lateral plantar (2-4 lumbrical) S2-S3
    • flexor hallucis brevis- medial plantar L5-S1
  17. MTP extensors
    • extensor digitorum longus- deep peroneal nerve L4-S1
    • extensor digitorum brevis- deep peroneal nerve L5-S1
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