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  1. Arthropod general structure
    • -head (feeding,sensing)
    • -thorax (locomaotion)
    • -abdomen (mating, excretion)
    • -exoskeleton (protection, strength, limiting- MUST shed to grow- 1 reason for limited size of insects and other arthropods, helps minimize moisture lost)
  2. Arthropod head (sensing, feeding structures)
    • -compound eyes and simple eyes (just light detection)
    • -antennae-sense of touch, smell, chemoreception, temp., humidity
    • -mouth parts (review general facts!)
  3. compound eyes
    • -made up of many segements/sections so can sense motion
    • -can see color and light
    • -have a direct connection to the brain (no optic nerve)
  4. Arthropod thorax (locomation/transportation)
    • -3 segements (pro, meso, metathorax)
    • -dorsal section: tergum
    • -ventral section: sternum
    • -legs on each segment
    • -wings on last 2 segements
    • -skeletal invaginations for muscle attachment
    • -vertical muscle: flexes thorax, raises wings; relaxes and wings lower (w/assistance from other muscles)
    • -wings(1st animal to have them)
  5. 1)advantages of wings
    2)what are wings
    • 1)-enabled birds to disperse to new areas
    • -could avoid adverse conditions, predators
    • -exploit new areas to lay eggs or mate
    • 2)-outgrowth of exoskeleton
    • -dead tissue(cannot be replaced)
    • -veins(hydrostatic) pump up wing, then dry out (no fluids like human veins)
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