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  1. To what class of drugs does minoxidil belong?
    Direct-acting vasodilators.
  2. What are the indications associated with minoxidil?
    • Severe HTN
    • Alopecia androgenetica
  3. What is minoxidil's target MOA?
    Activates K+ channels in vascular smooth muscle.
  4. Target MOA: why does minoxidil's activation of K+ channels lead to vascular smooth muscle relaxation?
    The efflux of K+ from smooth muscle cells causes hyperpolarization, making it more difficult to stimulate voltage gated calcium channels.
  5. Minoxidil exerts its effect more greatly on (arterial/venous) blood vessels.
    Arterial > venous.
  6. How does minoxidil's MOA help to lower BP?
    Relaxation of vascular smooth muscle leads to decreased peripheral vascular resistance
  7. What are some adverse effects associated with minoxidil?
    • ECG - T wave changes
    • Peripheral edema
    • Hypertrichosis (abnormal hair growth)
    • Dry scalp, dandruff
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