Barron's 3500 words

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  1. Misogamy (n)
    hatred of marriage
  2. Modish (adj)
  3. Moratorium (n)
    legal delay of payment
  4. Mordant (adj)
    biting; sarcastic; stinging
  5. Moribund (adj)
  6. Morose (adj)
    ill-humored; sullen; melancholy
  7. Mortify (v)
    to humiliate; punish the flesh
  8. Mote (n)
    small speck
  9. Motility (n)
    ability to move spontaneously
  10. Mottled (adj)
    blotched in coloring; spotted
  11. Mountebank (n)
    charlatan; boastful pretender
  12. Muddle (v)
    to confuse; mix up
  13. Mulct (v)
    to defraud a person of something
  14. Munificent (adj)
    very generous
  15. Mutability (adj)
    ability to change in form; fickleness
  16. Muse (v)
    to ponder
  17. Natation (n)
  18. Natty (adj)
    neatly or smartly dressed
  19. Nefarious (adj)
    very wicked
  20. Nepotism (n)
    favoritism (to a relative)
  21. Nexus (n)
  22. Nib (n)
    beak; pen point
  23. Nicety (n)
    precision; minute distinction
  24. Niggle (v)
    to spend too much time on minor points; carp
  25. Nondescript (adj)
    indistinctive; ordinary
  26. Nonentity (n)
    person of no importance; nonexistence
  27. Nonplus (v)
    to bring to a halt by confusion; perplex
  28. Nostrum (n)
    questionable medicine
  29. Nubile (adj)
  30. Nugatory (adj)
    futile; worthless
  31. Obeisance (n)
    a movement of the body expressing respect (a bow)
  32. Obelisk (n)
    tall column with a pyramid top
  33. Obloquy (n)
    funeral ceremony
  34. Obstreperous (adj)
    boisterous; noisy
  35. Obtrude (v)
    to push (oneself or one's ideas) forward or intrude; butt in; stick out or extrude
  36. Occident (n)
    in the west
  37. Odium (n)
    detestation; hatefulness; disrepute
  38. Onus (n)
    burden; responsibility
  39. Opalescent (adj)
    iridescent; lustrous
  40. Opportune (adj)
    timely; well-chosen
  41. Oracular (adj)
    prophetic; uttered as if with divine authority; mysterious or ambiguous
  42. Oratorio (n)
    dramatic poem set to music
  43. Ordination (n)
    ceremony conferring holy orders
  44. Orthodox (adj)
    traditional; conservative in belief
  45. Orthography (n)
    correct spelling
  46. Osseous (adj)
    made of bone; bony
  47. Outstrip (v)
    to surpass; outdo
  48. Overweening (adj)
    presumptuous; arrogant
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