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  1. True or false?

    Niacin is the only medication that is specifically targeted for HDL.
  2. To which class of drugs does niacin belong?
  3. What are the indications associated with niacin?
    • Pellagra
    • Vasodilation
    • Antilipemic
  4. True or false?

    Niacin is not metabolized and acts virtually unchanged in the body, until it is eliminated renally.

    Niacin experiences first-pass, being converted to a number of metabolites.
  5. What is niacin's target MOA?
    • Niacin activates a GPCR on adipocytes, resulting in:
    • Decreased adipocyte-sensitive lipase activity
    • Decreased peripheral triglyceride catabolism
    • Decreased flux of FFA to liver -->
    • Decreased circulating VLDL and LDL
  6. As per niacin's MOA, what happens to plasma concentrations of apoB-100?
    Levels of apoB-100 decrease (high plasma levels of apoB-100 are associated with increased risk of CAD).
  7. What are some adverse effects associated with niacin?
    • Flushing
    • Pruritis
  8. Niacin decreases plasma clearance (increases levels of) what apoprotein? What overall effect does this have?
    • apoA-1.
    • apoA-1 is the major protein in HDL, and high levels are associated with reduced risks of CHD.
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