Sporting Dog Breeds

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    • Brittany Spaniel
    • Temper: energetic, smart, loving, eagar to please
    • Hunts, points, and retrieves.
    • Height: 18-20inches
    • Weight: 28-33lbs
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    • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
    • Temper: bright, independent, courage, makes a guardian, family dog
    • Thick coat, oily outer coat, wooly undercoat.
    • Webbed bare feet.
    • Height: 21-26inches
    • Weight: 55-75lbs
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    • English Cocker Spaniel
    • Temper: gentle, loving, full of life, ever wagging tail, smart
    • Bred to hunt woodcock, quail, and partridge.
    • Height: 15-16inches
    • Weight: 28-32lbs
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    • English Setter
    • Temper: active, friendly, good-natured, keen game sense
    • Coats come in black and white, orange and white, lemon and white, liver and white, or tricolor.
    • Height: 24-27inches
    • Weight: 55-66lbs
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    • Golden Retriever
    • Temper: kind, friendly, confident, active, smart, powerful
    • One of the most popular breeds in the world.
    • Height: 20-24inches
    • Weight: 60-80lbs
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    • Gordon Setter
    • Temper: outgoing, smart, dignified, even disposition
    • Heaviest and slowest of the setters.
    • Shiny black coat with chestnut markings.
    • Height: 24.5-27.5inches
    • Weight: 56-65lbs
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    • Irish Setter
    • Temper: racy looks, very active, loving, needs proper training
    • Rich chestnut coat.
    • Height: 23-27.5inches
    • Weight: 62-82lbs
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    • Labrodor Retriever
    • Temper: good temper, very agile, devoted, smart, keen, very strong
    • Otter like tail.
    • Short, dense, hard coat, water-resistant undercoat.
    • Height: 21.5-22.5inches
    • Weight: 55-75lbs
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    • Pointer
    • Temper: alert, keen, excellent gundog, strenght and speed
    • Fine short, hard coat with a sheen.
    • Height: 24-27inches
    • Weight: 44-66lbs
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    • Weimeraner
    • Temper: alert, fearless, friendly, protective, obedient
    • Eyes are shades of amber or blue gray.
    • Nickname the gray ghost.
    • Height: 22-27 inches
    • Weight: 70.5-86lbs
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    • Clumber Spaniel
    • Temper: steady, kind, reliable, smart, aloof, silent worker with a good nose
    • Well balanced heavy breed.
    • Plain while with lemon markings.
    • Height: 19-20inches
    • Weight: 65-80lbs
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    • English Springer Spaniel
    • Temper: friendly, happy, active, strong, good gundog
    • Straight weather resistant coat with feathering.
    • Liver and white or black and white.
    • Height: 20inches
    • Weight: 55-80lbs
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    • Flat Coated Retriever
    • Temper: optimistic, friendly, tireless, enthusiastic tail, swimmer, bright, active
    • Coat is dense and flat.
    • Black or liver.
    • Height: 22-24inches
    • Weight: 55-80lbs
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    • German Wire-Hair Pointer
    • Temper: bold, outgoing, kind, smart, able, dignified
    • Thick outer coat, no longer than 1.5 inches.
    • Height: 24.5-26inches
    • Weight: 56-65lbs
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