Bio Evolution quiz

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  1. Microevolution
    Process which can occur over a few generations, in which a population's allele frequencies change in any way.
  2. Directional Selection
    Occurs when natural selection selects for indivuals with one extreme phenotype.
  3. Stabilizing Selection
    Occurs when natural selection selects for individuals with the intermediate phenotype.
  4. Disruptive Selection
    Occurs when natural selection selects for individuals with both extreme phenotypes.
  5. Gene Flow
    The genetic variation of the recieving population.
  6. Genetic Drift
    Changes in allele frequencies that are due to change.
  7. Bottleneck Affect
    A genetic drift that occurs after an event greatly reduces the size of population, and only a few organisms of a population survive.
  8. Founder Effect
    A genetic drift that occurs after a small number of individuals colonize a new area.
  9. Sexual Selection
    When certain traits increase mating success.
  10. Reproductive Isolation
    Species from two populations can no longer mate successfully, for any reason.
  11. Speciation
    The rise of two or more species from one existing species
  12. Behavioral Isolation
    Species from two populations are seperated due to differences in courtship or mating rituals.
  13. Geographic Isolation
    Involves physical barriers that divide of population into or more groups.
  14. Temporal Isolation
    Exists when timing prevents reproduction between populations.
  15. Convergent Evolution
    Process in which unrelated species evolve similar traits while adapting to similar environments.
  16. Divergent Evolution
    Process in which closely related species become more and more different as they adapt to different environments.
  17. Coevolution
    Process in which two species evolve in response to changes in each other, over many generations.
  18. Extinction
    The elimination of a species from Earth
  19. Punctuated Equilibrium
    Bursts of evolutionary activity are followed by long periods of stability.
  20. Adaptive Radiation
    The rapid evolution of many diverse species from ancestral species.
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