Working Dog Breeds

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    • Akita
    • Temper: alert, aloof, couragous, can be either calm or agressive, requires training, always needs supervision
    • Bear hunter guard dog.
    • Larger, powerful, heavy bone, dense coat.
    • Height: 24-28inches
    • Weight: 75-110lbs
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    • Alaskan Malamute
    • Temper: majestic, dignified, loving, friendly family dog, smart, learns quickly, strong willed, needs early training
    • Largest and oldest artic sled dog.
    • Disigned to carry large loades, not for races.
    • Powerful heavy boned.
    • Height: 23-25inches
    • Weight: 75-85lbs
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    • Anatolian Shepherd
    • Temper: loyal, independent, hardy, calm, reserved around strangers, should be supervised
    • Bred to make own dicisions.
    • Large and powerful.
    • Protects livestock.
    • Height: 27-29inches
    • Weight: 80-105lbs
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    • Bernese Mountian Dog
    • Temper: gentle, easy going, good natured, friendly, fearless, ideal family dog
    • Strong and sturdy.
    • Black, white, and reddish brown.
    • Bred for pulling carts, driving cows, and watch dog.
    • Height: 23-27.5inches
    • Weight: 88-97lbs
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    • Boxer
    • Temper: full of stamina, fearless, smart, alert, distrusts strangers, loves their people, patient with kids, protective
    • Needs careful training.
    • Large game hunter, guard, and companion dog.
    • Height: 21-25inches
    • Weight: 55-77lbs
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    • Bullmastiff
    • Temper: fearless, confident, docile, sweet natured, independent thinkers, ideal family protectors, traditional training may not work
    • Does not require much grooming or exercise.
    • Guard dog.
    • Height: 24-27inches
    • Weight: 100-130lbs
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    • Doberman Pinscher
    • Temper: smart, bold, alert, obedient, tough breed, firm character
    • Capable of fast speeds and needs sensible handling.
    • Guard dogs and terriers were bred and the doberman pinscher.
    • Height: 25.5-27inches
    • Weight: 66-88lbs
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    • Great Pyrenees
    • Temper: natural guard and protecter of shepherd and flocks, confident, powerful
    • Not for urban living.
    • Height: 26-28inches
    • Weight: 90-110lbs
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    • Komandor
    • Temper: good guard dog, wary of strangers, known for strenght and courage
    • White coarded coat.
    • Larger then puli.
    • Height: 23.5-31.5inches
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    • Kuvasz
    • Temper: guard dog, powerful, needs firm and sensible treatment, doesn't like unfair discipline
    • Livestock guard dog, black eyes, black rim, white coat.
    • Height:26-30inches
    • Weight: 73-115lbs
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    • Mastiff
    • Temper: calm, loving, guard dog, powerful
    • Oldest british breed.
    • Used to fight bears, bulls, and lions.
    • Height: 27.5-30inches
    • Weight: 175-190lbs
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    • Newfoundland
    • Temper: noble, devoted, gentle, docile, obedient, powerful
    • Large draft and water dog, life saving instinct.
    • Webbed feet and water resistant, double coat.
    • Height: 26-28inches
    • Weight: 140-150lbs
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    • Rottweiler
    • Temper: bold, courageous, good humor, loyal, even temper, fearless, guard dog
    • Handle firmly and fairly.
    • Used in police and security work.
    • Height: 17-22.5inches
    • Weight: 35-55lbs
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    • St, Bernard
    • Temper: steady, couragous, smart, kind
    • Requires lots of food, growing stage lasts two years.
    • Height: 24-28inches
    • Weight: up to 200lbs
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    • Samoyed
    • Temper: strong, active, graceful, loving, independent thinkers.
    • Black lips back, smiling face.
    • Reindeer hearding, multipurpose dog.
    • Height: 19-23.5inches
    • Weight: proportionate
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    • Gaint Schnauzer
    • Temper: friendly, reliable, strong, hardy, smart, strong, territorial
    • Cattle driver.
    • Prone to pancreatist.
    • Height: 23.5-27.5inches
    • Weight: proportional
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    • Standard Schnauzer
    • Temper: social, loving, loves kids, strong willed, needs early training
    • Rat catcher, guard dog.
    • Prone to pancreatist.
    • Height: 17.5-19.5
    • Weight: propartional
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    • Siberian Husky
    • Temper: friendly, alert, outgoing, agreeable, not a guard dog
    • Capable of great endurance.
    • Height: 20-23inches
    • Weight: 35-60lbs
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