Alternatives to Petroleum

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  1. Oil shale
    • -incomplete forms of oil stored up in large rock
    • -non renewable
  2. What is the defenition of Coal Liquefaction?
    Using a chemical process that changes solid coal into usuable liquid
  3. Technology is readily available and the US has more coal than?
  4. Coal Liquefaction is more__ than drilling and processing petroleum and still non __
    Expensive; renewable
  5. What is the definition of Biodiesel?
    Liquid fuel derived from plant matter or animal fats
  6. Biodiesel is a __ source of energy
  7. Sources of Biodiesel
    • -Euphorbia plants
    • -vegetable oil
    • -grease
  8. Other Possibilities
    • -Hydropower
    • -Nuclear Power
    • -Solar
    • -Wind
    • -Geothermal
  9. What is the definition of Nuclear Power?
    Radioactive material heats steam, pressurized steam turns a turbine, which creates electricity
  10. Nuclear Power waste
    6000-10000 lbs solid radioactive waste per year
  11. Where is Geothermal located?
    • -Volcanic hot spots
    • -Sun, ground heated
  12. What are (+) to Solar Power?
    free, endless, no pollution
  13. What are (-) to Solar Power?
    $$$$, night time (no sun), clouds/winter
  14. What are (+) to Wind Power?
    No pollution
  15. What are (-) to Wind Power?
    not always windy, $$ to build, dead birds, unsightly
  16. What are (+) to Hydroelectric Power?
    no pollution, water is free
  17. What are (-) to Hydroelectric Power?
    not good for the ecosystem, $$, river/space
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