A Change for Cars

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  1. What is Compressed Natural Gas?
    Gaseous fuels like methane
  2. What are (+) to Compressed Natural Gas?
    natural gas is widely available, low emissions compared to gasoline
  3. What are (-) to Compressed Natural Gas?
    The system $$, higher fire risk, natural gas non renewable
  4. What are Fuel Cells (hydrogen)?
    Generate electrical power and convert hydrogen gas and oxygen gas to form water
  5. What are (+) to Fuel Cells?
    no harmful emissions, generate a lot of electrical energy, require no recharging
  6. What are (-) to Fuel Cells?
    $$$, hard to make and transfer pure hydrogen
  7. What are Hybrid Gas Electric?
    Contains gas and electric engines; gas at high speeds and battery at low
  8. What are (+) to Hybrid Gas?
    less gas, less pollution
  9. What are (-) to Hybrid Gas?
    Batteries: $$$ and toxic, still runs on gas
  10. What is a Pure Electric car?
    Runs exclusively on electricity, many in production
  11. Examples for electric cars
    • -Chevy Volt
    • -Nissian Leaf
    • -Tesla Roadster
  12. What are (+) to Pure Electric Cars?
    Zero Carbon emissions, no fossil fuels, recharge at home, quiet
  13. What are (-) to Pure Electric cars?
    not cheap, drives slow, $$$, recharge time and away from home

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A Change for Cars
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