French Earning A Living Verbs

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  1. s’addresser
    to address, to talk to
  2. chercher
    to look for
  3. avoir de bonnes références
    to have good references
  4. s’intéresser à
    to be interested in
  5. gagner
    to win, to earn
  6. travailler
    to work
  7. étudier
    to study
  8. il faut
    one must
  9. avoir besoin de
    to need to
  10. faire des projets
    to make plans
  11. envoyer
    to send
  12. fixer un rendez-vous
    to make an appointment
  13. utiliser les ordinateurs
    to use computers
  14. remplir le formulaire
    fill out the form
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French Earning A Living Verbs
French Earning A Living Verbs
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