T44 Takeoff Checklist

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  1. Autopilot
    • checked/disengaged (PF, PM)
    • 1. annunciator lights checked
    • 2. Engage Autopilot and note green AP ENG lt and AP DISC amber lt goes out
    • 3. press red AP/YD disc button on yoke
    • 4. Re-engage AP and CP check the same
    • 5. verify AP is disengaged
  2. Yaw Damp
    • OFF (P)
    • press green light in, then press again and make sure its out
  3. Electric Trim
    • Checked, ON (P, CP)
    • 1. turn on ELEV Trim switch
    • 2. move split switch on yoke
    • 3. move elevator trim using split switch
    • 4. USE AP/YD button to stop trim
    • 5. CP repeat
    • 6. verify Elect Trim is engaged
  4. Trim Tabs
    • Set (P, CP)
    • Aileron 0
    • Rudder 0
    • Elevator 2 up (red line)
  5. Controls
    Checked (P, CP)
  6. FLAPS
    Checked, UP (P, CP)
  7. Props
    Full Forward (P)
  8. Prop Sync
    OFF (P)
  9. Autofeather
    Armed (P)
  10. Anti-Ice/Deice
    • "give me a 2 min hack and let me know every 30 seconds"
    • 1. Prop Deicer ON
    • 2. NOTE 14-18AMPS
    • Turn on and Monitor Load:
    • L/R pitot heat
    • AOA
    • L/R engine lip boot heat
    • L/R fuel vent
    • Windshielf anti ice both
    • windshield anti ice pilot
    • All switch OFF
    • PROP Deicer OFF after 2 min

    • N1 to 70% (both engines)
    • Deice cycle single
    • "inflate, inflate, pressure, deflate deflate suction"
    • Deice cycle manual
    • "inflate inflate pressure, deflate deflate suction"
    • N1 IDLE
    • Check prop deice OFF
  11. AOA-
    • Checked (P, CP)
    • - select STALL and check for light and horn
  12. Radar-
    Not Checked, OFF (RS)
  13. Flight Instruments
    Checked (P,CP)

    "Airspeed is less than 40, my RMI, your HSI xxx, my HSI, your RMI xxx, turn needle erect, ball centered, 10, 10, 10, and 2, VSI zero"

    • Airspeed- less than 40
    • RMI/HSI - report headings, should be w/in 5 deg, no flags
    • Turn/slip- needle erect, ball centered, no flag
    • Flight Director - press and hold TEST, indicates (10deg +-3, pitch down, roll left, compass slew, ATT and HEADING flags displayed)
    • IVSI/VSI - approx zero
  14. Altimeters
    Checked, set (P, CP)

    • BARALT
    • - no CODE OFF flag
    • - w/in 75 ft of airport elevation

    • RADALT
    • - P sets DH bug above 55ft then presses and hold TEST pushbutton
    • -CHECK: 50+- 5 ft on radalt point, lt on, flag displayed
    • - 50+-5 ft on flight director radalt bug
    • CP repeats checks

    While still holding the TEST button, move DH bug until below radalt pointer. NOTE 2 lights out

    Set DH Bug to 500ft

    • "Altimeter set 2993, reading 40 feet"
    • "I have a bug and 2 lights. Lights out. Lights back on. RADALT set 500 feet"
  15. FMS
    Checked, Set (P)

    • verify currency of NAV database
    • set flight plan as required
    • check RAIM
  16. Radios/Navaids
    Checked, Set (P,CP)

    • VHF
    • -VHF off switch is on
    • - Press COM 1, enter 134.85 (twr), press PRE
    • - Press VHF EMER (red light), depress
    • - Check squelch

    • UHF
    • -select manual, check each knob moves digits
    • - check guard 243.0
    • - select preset
    • - Activate test: all 8's
    • - select squelch OFF, select squelch ON

    • NAV1/NAV2
    • Tune, Identify, Navigate, Test method

    • NCS31
    • Push WPT, select preset, D-U-D to get DME (release DME hold, Depress Use button, Depress DME hold button)

    • Localizer
    • Tune: press VOR/ILS and GPS/NAV button on FD SEL panel. Tune NAV 1 :111.3 Tune NAV 2: 111.3
    • Identify: not required
    • Navigate: not applicable for a localizer
    • Test: MKR beacon Mixer switches up; Press NAV TEST button (get OMI lights, 1.5 unit down display on GS, and 1.5 unit right display on the CDIs)
    • "One half down and right"

    • VOR
    • Tune: store WPTs 114.0 (NGP), 115.5 (CRP)
    • - tune NAV 1
    • -tune NAV 2
    • Identify: Verify ID on VOR 1 and VOR2
    • Navigate: both P and CP needles are selected VOR
    • -CDI full deflection at 10deg left or right, to from flag at 90deg
    • "VOR needles indicate 196, CDI centered on 195, DME indicates 0.5"
    • Test: press NAV TEST, get OMI lights, needles should be 003deg +-2

    • TACAN:
    • Press TACAN on FD SEL Panel.
    • Tune: ch 87X
    • Identify: Verify ID and adjust volume on mixer panel
    • Navigate: full deflection at 10deg, to/from @90
    • "TACAN needle indicates 196, CDI centered on 195, DME indicates 0.5"
    • TEST: press TEST button on TACAN control panel on pedestal. Needle points 180deg +-2. DME reads 0.0 or 0.1 on top row, all 8s on bottom row. Release button and top row reads all 8s.
    • "TACAN needle indicates 181. DME 0.1, all 8s"

    • ADF
    • Tune: ADF switch is ON, TONE button is out, ADF button depressed. Tune 391 and USE
    • Identify: verify ID on mixer switch
    • Test: press ADF TEST button on MSU. P&CP verify ADF needles rotate 90deg and stop.
    • return needles to VOR

    • INTPH
    • change CDI and heading bug to a good position

    • FILTR V
    • visual reminder for VOR needles and mode

    • FILTR R
    • visual reminder for XPDR

    • XPDR
    • ALT REP is depressed
    • enter transponder code into NCS31
    • Hold STBY then XPDR 1 TEST, get green light
  17. Pressurization-
    Set (P)
  18. Bleed Air-
    Closed (CP)
  19. Crew-
    Briefed (P) ***hold checklist after brief***

    "Back me up on the power quadrant and monitor the engine and flight instruments. Call out any malfunctions. All emergencies will be handled in accordance with NATOPS. Call rotate at 91kts and note takeoff time. Any Questions?"
  20. ***complete rest of checklist when taxiing onto RWY centerline***

    Set (P)
  21. Lights-
    Set (P)

    • Turn on:
    • L/R Landing lights
    • TAXI
    • NAV (at night or low vis)
    • ICE (night only)
    • Beacon (already on)
    • Strobe (when taking the active, and off after exiting the active on landing)
  22. Transponder
    SET (P)

    P depresses XPDR 1 button
  23. Condition Levers
    High Idle (P)

    Condition levers are full forward and verify 64-67% N1
  24. Autoignition-
    ARMED (CP)

    ***checklist complete
  25. When cleared for T/O:

    set 70-80%N1,
    check left/right wing nacelle for fuel caps in place, panels secure, and no fluid leaks.
    check heading aligned with RWY, no abnormal flags, engine instruments and props stabilized, total fuel/nacelle quantities if not done already
    "checked left"
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