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  1. This is the force exerted by blood on the wall of a vessel
    Blood pressure
  2. This catheter is used to measure pulmonary blood pressure
    Swan-ganz catheter
  3. Another word for pressure receptors
  4. Where are two places you can find arterial barroreceptors?
    • Carotid arteries
    • Aortic arteries
    • Arterial Barroreflex
    • Exact opposite is true for low MAP
  5. Why cant barroreceptors fix blood pressure in the long run?
    they adapt
  6. When blood volume increases, the atria is stretched, activating these receptors
    Atrial volume receptors
  7. The CV center (which is in the medulla) corrects blood volume using these 4 main ways:
    • increase GFR
    • decrease Renin
    • decrease ADH
    • increas ANP
  8. We constrict the arteries in the gut to make up for blood lost in the brain
    • Hormonal regulation of BP using catechholamines
    • it also causes vasoconstriction
  9. What stage of hypertension is 140/90?
    Stage 1
  10. What stage of hypertension is 160/100?
    Stage 2
  11. What stage of hypertension is 180/110?
    Stage 3
  12. Another hormonal way of controlling blood pressure in the long run
  13. Self explanatory
  14. What are 2 major effects of ADH (Vasopressin)?
    • Save water in the kideneys to increase blood volume
    • Constrict blood vessels to increase BP

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